1520 miles (for now)

If you’ve followed my hike from the beginning you may recall this comment: “…my only expectation is to enjoy myself, so this particular journey will either end when I stop having fun for a sustained period or when I hit the southern terminus of the trail…”

A few days ago I got a cortisone shot that provided some relief from the plantar fasciitis in my left heel, but combined with the early onset of bitter winter cold (waking up to frozen water bottles, frozen food, numb fingers and toes, etc.) , my “enjoyment” has been fading. Since the AT rules allow for 12 months to complete a thru-hike, I’ve decided to pause at 1520 miles and resume in the spring to complete my remaining 670 miles. Of course there’s a risk that life intervenes and prevents completion before my July deadline, but hopefully that will work out well like so many other details along the trail.

My heartfelt thanks for all of your support thus far and the blog will stay put for when I resume, so stay tuned! For those in Minnesota, I’ll be home for the holidays and look forward to seeing you all soon!

At mile 1520 (so far), Max


Me on my last trail day until spring


The view from hiker thanksgiving on Sugar Mountain


Post feast tryptophan eyes with Slimjim and Mav

6 thoughts on “1520 miles (for now)

  1. Tanya

    Michael — I think it’s absolutely amazing that you’ve gone that incredibly far, day after day after day! Your persistence is truly impressive. I’m so sorry for the pain you’ve experienced with your left foot. As you know by now, I believe these things happen for a reason. It may be that the Universe wants you Home for the holidays! Please let me know when you (and the family?) are up for coming to Brattleboro. I feel deprived that I didn’t get to visit with you when you were hiking through southern Vermont. Hope you have a swift recovery and appreciate all the warmth and amenities of being home again. Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!! — Tanya

    1. max Post author

      Thanks so much for the note, for the invite to your birthday bash (sorry I missed it!) and for the birthday wishes. Right back at you, sister, happy brithday! I sincerely apologize for taking so long to reply- I’ve been caught up with a bunch of stuff since coming back to Minnesota. See my latest post for details, but I’ll be back on the trail in about 7 weeks or so, so stay tuned! Happy holidays to you, Jeremy and Chaya!

  2. HutchJohnson

    Michael: Well done. Quite an achievement to go 1500+ miles. Loved reading your adventures. Have a nice holiday with the family. I look forward to you picking up and finishing. Tim Johnson

    1. max Post author

      Thanks Tim! Happy holidays to you and yours! Per my update today, I’ll resume hiking in late Feb so stay tuned…lots more miles to go before I sleep!
      Cheers, Michael

  3. edstalling

    Extremely well done, lad! Actually, amazing. We tip our hat to you from Montana. What a trip, what an adventure. I’m super impressed and even more jealous. I’ve loved following you on your blog. Safe trip to MN, can’t wait to share a pint again….


    1. max Post author

      Thanks brother! Per my last update, I’ll be back on the trail to wrap up in 7 weeks or so, so hopefully there will be a few more good pictures to share with you. Happy holidays and best wishes in 2015 to you, Laurie and the whole gang!
      PS: Magnus says hi!

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