UPenn Students in Philadelphia reacting to the 2020 Presidential election outcome

With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris having recently received the mantle of President-elect and Vice President-elect, respectively, those who opposed Trump now have an opportunity to demonstrate the values they purport to represent. Ask yourself how you would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot. Would you want courtesy, fairness, truth, respect and a voice at the table?

To act on the knee-jerk impulse of “No way! I wasn’t shown that kind of humanity the past 4 years, so why should I show it?” is to perpetuate the very divisions we claim are tearing our country apart. But to BE AN ADULT in the room by showing genuine humility and sincere respect for your fellow Americans and their points of view is to replace a missing stone in the foundation of our“more perfect union.”

Let’s choose to treat others the way we ourselves wish to be treated- just like our moms’ taught us.

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