The run up

Its still a month before I hit the trail, but my preparations are actually winding down, having already purchased most of my gear and confirmed my travel plans to the southern terminus of the CDT.

Organizing my gear: a work in progress
CDT southern terminus: the “Crazy Cook” monument

I decided to make my way to the trail by train this time as I understand the route on Amtrak’s “Coast Startlight” line from Seattle to L.A is particularly scenic, and I wouldn’t mind avoiding the shenanigans I encountered on the Greyhound heading to the AT. The green circular end points below are Seattle and Lordsburg, New Mexico, the closest town to ‘Crazy Cook.’

Amtrak route from Seattle to Lordsburg

4 thoughts on “The run up”

  1. I feel so excited to be following you as you make your way along the trail. We all enjoyed your stories last time around, and I’m sure there will be lots of great anecdotes and photos this time as well.
    And now for a question I’m sure many of the followers here will be wanting an answer to: Will you be growing out the beard again?

    1. Hey Em! It’s going to take me some adjustment time again to send public replies to my kids’ comments, but of the five, yours will be the safest, ha! And Art, we all know who’s will get the most screening! Having aired that laundry, yes, purely out of convenience I will look more and more like father Christmas again while on the trail. As your mum would say “he couldn’t be bothered!”

    1. Hey! See you soon on the trail Mav! Can’t believe we’re gonna put in a bunch of miles together again.

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