Taking what the trail gives

I ended my last entry with the comment: “Unless something goes wrong, my next post should be after I’ve crossed into Colorado…” Rather, I’m writing from Rawlins, Wyoming where my hike resumes tomorrow morning in Wyoming’s Great Basin, another section of the CDT.

The cabin from “City Slickers”, one of many films made at Ghost Ranch.

After arriving at Ghost Ranch, we learned that the snow conditions in Colorado were simply not ready yet for hiking and won’t be for some time. Rather than suspending the hike or bypassing incredible places like the San Juan mountains, we decided to hike “out of sequence” and have jumped ahead.

This is the snowy scene we saw all along the Colorado CDT

Going north to avoid snow sounds counterintuitive, but the section we’ll begin hiking tomorrow is largely at lower elevation and thus has less snow to contend with. My commitment to complete the entire trail this season is unchanged, but I’ll have to settle for doing it in a bit of zig zag fashion.

Rawlins Road trip along the Continental Divide

No other updates to report for now. Will post again in 5-6 days or so. Cheers, Max.

5 thoughts on “Taking what the trail gives”

  1. Good to see your progress – amazing man! Hope I get to see you in Montana – happy trails Max what an adventure

  2. Good to see your progress – amazing man! Hope I get to see you in Montana – happy trails Max!

    1. Thanks Ed! Glad to hear from you and yes, you’ll get pings from me when my feet land in the great state of Montana! All the best to Laurie and the kids! Max

  3. I think this was a good call! Enjoying your updates – I know nothing about the trail in Wyoming, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it is!

    1. Loco! We just arrived in Atlantic City, WY from Rawlins. Weather, terrain, wildlife all wonderful. Getting colder as we move north and we may be hitting another storm soon but so far, so good. Hammer is away for a week or two but I’m still hiking with Impala. A great stretch. Good luck on your new gig and stay in touch! Max

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