“Plot Twist!” (J. Kloss, aka “Swish”)

Lander, Wyoming: early Monday morning, 5/20/19 #1
Lander, Wyoming: early Monday morning, 5/20/19 #2

Quick post to confirm that we woke up to 4 inches of accumulation in Cal and Carmela’s yard in Lander and 4 days of steady precipitation forecasted as we move north. It’s simply not the time to hike back into elevation…the Wind River Range is no joke and we’re not out here to put ourselves at unnecessary risk. So, I’m heading home a week early for my planned commitment away from the trail. Impala and I will rent a car this morning and make our way back to Washington. Assuming all goes well, I’ll be back on the trail heading South from Glacier as planned on 6/15 with Mav, my AT trail family brother. Stay tuned and I’ll post again sometime during the interim. Thanks for your support and kind words and my hike will continue soon! Max

4 thoughts on ““Plot Twist!” (J. Kloss, aka “Swish”)”

  1. That would be a game changer for sure!! I gotta stay more on top of reading your posts. Regardless, I love hearing about these adventures! Glad it’s all worked out!

  2. Yikes! Good plan, Max. When you mentioned your hike, I envisioned a hike that was a little warmer … especially starting down in New Mexico. Have fun with your family time, and good luck with the rest of the hike!

    1. Thanks Jon and it’s great to hear from you! I hope things are well at Prime. I’m posting another update in a few minutes, but the upshot is I’ll start southbound from Glacier (northern terminus) on 6/15 to resume the hike through Montana, Idaho, the remainder of Wyoming and of course Colorado. Thanks for checking in!

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