Heading back to the trail

Picture-perfect Many Glacier Hotel, the morning of my “prepare to get hikin’ again” hike in Glacier

This post confirms that I’ll be back on trail beginning early the morning of June 15th (the day after tomorrow). Much to my delight, I’m restarting with three other hikers: MAV- my trail family brother from the Appalachian Trail, Cougar- a great hiker going for her triple crown whom you may recall had been temporarily sidelined back in New Mexico with foot issues, and Hammer- a rock solid waterman, surfer and hiking speedster to whom I was introduced by OB back in Cuba, NM. While all of us are technically “solo” hikers, having companions through Grizzly country is welcome by all and we’re antsy to start walking. We converge tomorrow across the Canadian border in Waterton in order to finalize our itinerary with the Glacier back-country office folks. We’ll then walk back across the border into the US the following morning.

My next update will likely be from East Glacier in approximately 7-8 days. Meanwhile, here are some recent photos taken while off the CDT. Cheers! Max

Fishless shore lunch on Lake McDonald
Evening fire in the Many Glacier campground. We’ll hike from Canada right back to this campground in a few short days.
The primary driver for my trail break: my daughter (and her youngest daughter) at graduation.
Family hike: Oliver helping Emily carry her daughters along the Spokane River.
Wendy hiking along (the oft-recommended to us) Priest Lake in the Idaho Panhandle.
Off-trail wildlife#1: snakes-a-plenty on the paved Centennial trail, Eastern Washington.
Off-trail wildlife#2: absent-minded grazing on the road between Kalispell, MT and Glacier.
Off-trail wildlife#3: This butterfly near our home posed graciously for this photo shoot.
Impala (left) with me and Hammer en route to Wyoming a few weeks back. He’s now back walking other trails in the UK but will also be with us in spirit all the way. Long live Todmorden!

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    1. Thanks Michael! Glacier has completely exceeded expectations and I’ll update with pix soon.

  1. Love all the stories, comments, photos, and videos! You look great! Didn’t notice you trimmed up beard until I read about it. Lol. Happy to hear you have a crew to hike with. Stay safe. We all miss you! Much love ❤️

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