Time out for a bit of magic

Jerry (JB) at the Storm Lake trailhead

I’ve shared other accounts of extraordinary trail magic encountered thus far on the CDT and with some extra time today, I thought I’d share one more that is ongoing. Jerry Bailey, a trail angel who lives near Anaconda, MT, has spent the past couple of days making our trail lives and logistics much easier.

Me, same spot (phot courtesy of JB!)

Yesterday he drove me a trailhead south of here, enabling me to walk the 25 miles back to Anaconda with a near empty pack as well as getting an extra night’s sleep in a town bed.

Nearby pass in the Pintler Wilderness

Today he shuttled another half-dozen hikers to the same trailhead, took Mav and I to resupply, then back to his cabin adjacent to the Pintler Wilderness for a day of R&R tomorrow at the Montana Folk Festival in Butte, and then shuttling us again Sunday back to trailhead to resume hiking.

Beautiful rock field north of Storm Lake

Meanwhile, it’s laundry, showers, movies, steak and baked potatoes for dinner, and maybe even try my hand at catching a trout or two from the stream running through Jerry’s backyard. I’ve got a few new pictures to share but otherwise will keep this post brief. Back to the trail early Sunday morning!

JB shuttling hikers to the trail head. The road up is no joke.
The back porch view from JB’S mountain retreat…there’s trout in that stream!
JB’s mountain cabin
Log garage? Check!
Actual poster from Phillipsburg (locals say P-burg) grocery store

All the best, Max

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    1. Ha! That reminds me of Jane Austen: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife.”

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