Beginning the End

Emotional return to Atlantic City

(Note: the library here in Rawlins, Wyoming is closed today so I’m updating by phone and will therefore keep the text relatively short).

Got to sleep in this teepee last night. Thanks Laurel and Dale at the amazing Miner’s Grubstake!

It’s been an emotional couple of days as I finally walked back into Atlantic City, Wyoming, the last place to which I hiked with Impala before switching directions and restarting southbound from Canada. Out of 3100 miles of the CDT, I’m down to about 950 remaining. Since I already hiked from Atlantic City to Rawlins in May, when I hit the trail tomorrow morning I’ll continue south from Rawlins until I hit Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch near the Colorado/New Mexico border, where my hike will be complete.

Pancakes are my favorite meal when I first hit town from the trail.

I’ve been anticipating this final leg of the hike since I first encountered deep snow in May and had to reroute. I’m waxing a bit sentimental and would like to say more but I’ll save that hot air for a proper update via a library computer (better typing interface).

Mr. President and I spent a couple of great days hiking through the Wind River Range together.
Airplane Mode is another great hiker (and artist!) I met in the Winds.
Me in the Winds…photo courtesy of Airplane Mode.
A great family group in the Winds celebrating the birthday of the man on the right in the blue shirt.
The family group had Llamas as pack animals…first ones I’ve seen on the trail. Careful! They spit.
One of my scariest days on trail was the 5-6 hours I spent traversing this lava boulder field and several others just outside of Dubois, WY.
It’s difficult to describe just how beautiful the Wind River Range is.
Sundown in the Winds
Hobo Max drinking coffee out of another hiker’s pan. Photo courtesy of Wow and Eagle Cow.
Impromptu hiker party in the woods. Left to right: Tristan, SciFi, Eagle Cow, Wow and Mr. President.
Lunch break in the Winds with beat up shoes.
More Wind River beauty.
The Green River Lake campground host looked me over and said, “I’ve got something I bet you’ll appreciate!” Turns out he is the cousin of Sara Rupenthal, Jerry’s first wife. He provided the music, beer and campfire and we hit it off famously.
The Winds: best thing I’ve seen since Glacier!

For now, I hope these few photos sufficiently tell the story of the past week or two. My next planned update should be from Steamboat Springs, Colorado within a week or so. Cheers and thanks for tuning in! Max

6 thoughts on “Beginning the End”

  1. Stunning beautiful amazing adventure and photos Max! God speed and blessings and safe travels. Glad you are enjoying the God’s beauty!

    1. Thanks Sheila- always great to hear from you! Made it to Colorado a few days ago and now in Steamboat. Will update again soon!

  2. Sure miss talking to you. My phone is quiet. Glad all is well. Love you lots. Be careful on you last month on the trail. Enjoy Ghost Ranch with Wendy.

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