The Final 90 Miles!

Spectacular, colorful mountain in southern Colorado

Yep!!! I hitched from the trail into Chama, NM early this morning and after the typical round of now familiar town chores (shower, laundry, resupply, blog update, etc.) I will push off in the morning for Ghost Ranch, the final 90 miles that will connect my northbound steps (Mexico to Ghost Ranch) with my southbound ones (Canada to my present location) to complete an unbroken walking arc from Mexico to Canada! As the man says, “…dizzy ain’t the word for the way that you’re makin’ me feel now…” (J.P. Barlow)!

Drying out the previous evening’s tent frost…gettin’ cold again!

I’m absolutely thrilled to be within spitting distance of completing this hike and seeing Wendy again, who is flying down to meet me at the finish line to help drag my haggard self back to Washington.

Crossing the Rio Grande definitely makes me feel I’m moving south

It’s very late so I’ll keep this brief but I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you again who’ve been following my hike. I really mean that. My heartfelt thanks for your interest, concern and support.

I’ll do one final post upon completion and will probably wax a bit philosophical in summing up the hike and lessons learned but mostly right now I’m just very excited to be wrapping up- definitely a spring in my step this morning as I leave Chama for what I hope (“No whammy, no whammy!”) will be a peaceful victory lap. I’ve been nursing a decent cold now for a week or so but other than that I’m rarin’ to go.

Cold morning with heavy clouds draped over the hills

The following then are a few recent photos and videos which I hope you’ll enjoy. Love and best wishes to you all with a more lengthy post forthcomimg (upon completion). Cheers! Max

The very first “AT-like” shelter I’ve seen on this trail.
Another variant of the selfie I take now and then just to see what I look like
Real live forest fire near Salida, CO
First snow of the approaching winter…need to keep movin’!
There is just nothing quite like the views in Colorado
Hank and I crossed paths a couple times in the past day or two…he’s riding the bicycle version of this same route
The Aspen are just now starting to change color

6 thoughts on “The Final 90 Miles!”

  1. Glad you’re almost finished, Mike. Thanks for the birthday phone call. Miss you scads, especially the phone calls. Can hardly wait to see you. Love you.

    1. Thanks mom! I’ll call you back in the next couple of days…still shuffling around like an old sick man right now, ha!

  2. So happy you’re almost finished. Miss you scads. Thanks for the birthday phone call. Anxious to see you. Love Mom.

  3. Thanks for the birthday phone call, Mike. So happy you’re almost finished. Miss you scads. Can hardly wait to see you. Love you. Mom

  4. Thank you for taking me along on the journey. I wait for each update and the goodness it provides both in scenery and in stories from the trail. My friend, I wish you nothing but smooth sailing for this last leg.

    1. Mary, your comments have meant the world to me…thanks again for joining the hike! Back home now but have been sick as a dog since completing the hike…hope to post my final update soon.

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