Visiting the Grateful Dead Archive at UC Santa Cruz

To quote perhaps my all-time favorite film : “Obviously, you’re not a golfer.” A Dead tour, friend, is the annual rite-of-passage concert series for fans of the Grateful Dead. Yes, I’m one of those. And yes, the remaining originals are all now in their 70s and 80s(!!), but their shows are still “…more fun than a frog in a glass of milk.”

If you and I are walking the same direction on some trail and you’re bored and looking for a distraction to pass the miles, prompt me with this topic and stand back from the splash zone.

Pre-festivities at one of the 2015 “Fare Thee Well” Chicago shows with a bunch of new friends

The “Dead Tours” menu item on this site’s home page gives you access to (PG-rated) road trip blogs I kept for a couple of those tours. Fare thee well!