While packing to leave my site one morning, the New England parents of the year moved on and their site was taken over by a group of long hairs in a couple of rusty old vans all sporting matching tie-dyes. I hollered over “Hey, were you guys at the show in Saratoga last night?” The woman leader replied, “No, this is a group- home outing…I made the tie dyes for the trip. “ I went over and met them and chatted and it turned out the residents all had fairly serious physical and/or mental challenges. But the best part of the story is that they would blend in at any dead show utterly unnoticed.

Later that morning, I passed through this picturesque cemetery with an unpaved driving track. Cemeteries out here put a different perspective on ‘old’- they’ve been burying ancestors since before Minnesota was an idea.

“There may come a day when I’ll dance on your grave, if unable to dance I’ll still crawl cross it…” (Hell in a Bucket)

One thought on “Deadheads?

  1. Hananah Banana

    As always you are making me laugh….all these miles away! Anyhow, yes the cemetaries are unreal out there. I love the ones built into the hillsides in NY!

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