I don’t have much to say at this moment but need to begin somewhere. This is the first post I’m making on my newly updated site, which serves less as the all-purpose personal homepage I envisioned years ago and more as a place to capture memories made during long distance hikes and travels. See the Five Ws for more details.

“3J”: neighborhood owl and all-around good egg.

I’m about five months from embarking on another thru-hike attempt. My strong preference this time is to hike NOBO (northbound) on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), but COVID and wild fires may drive me away. If that happens, I’m viewing a second Continental Divide Trail (CDT) hike as suitable alternate. The two trails bear some similarities of terrain, elevation, weather patterns, challenges and so on, making gear and other preparations for the one mostly applicable to the other. If I do end up back on the CDT, I’d also like to go NOBO again, since my 2019 hike was transformed into a SNOBO hike due to heavy snow in Colorado.

As I’m not on the trail yet I wouldn’t typically have a new picture to post, but as it turns out an owl has sort of made her (his?) home in a tree right outside our bedroom window. We decided that if it returned today-the third consecutive day- we could name it and claim it as our adoptee. Meanwhile, the man who wrote this soulful ballad took his leave of absence from us yesterday. And earlier this year we parted ways with the guy responsible for this kernel of truth disguised as music. So, we’ve named our adopted owl “3J” which should be suitable for any owlish gender. Rest in peace Messrs Jerry Jeff Walker and John Prine.