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Sunny day, sunny vibe!

Very brief post as I’m squeezing this in before leaving Mammoth Lakes, California back to the trailhead. With about 1200 miles hiked, I’m excited to be walking through the jewel of this trail, the Sierras!

SOBO cohorts Muggle from Utah (left) and York from Germany (right) at Thousand Island Lake in the Sierras

In addition to the videos, below are a few recent pictures. Thanks again for tuning in and I’ll do something more lengthy next time I zero in town somewhere with a handy library. Love and happy hiking (or any other relevant verbs) in your own lives! Max

Camped near the shore of this lake two nights ago
Early next morning leaving camp with a perfectly still lake
Alpine meadow surrounded by granite
Picturesque walk bridge in the Sierras
Beautiful Tuolumne Falls from a distance
It’s been tonic for my eyes (and soul) to gaze at such from high above
Sierra majesty
Hikers chilling at Red’s Meadow resort/outpost
York breakfasting at a lakeshore