Snoqualmie Pass (warm up hike)

Sun in my eyes at the Snoqualmie Pass trail head

Almost exactly one year ago I walked southbound into Snoqualmie Pass, Washington and promptly mailed home my ice axe, traction spikes and heavier winter gear in anticipation of warmer conditions further south.

Fast forward to this week when I retraced 52 miles of that same section, half of it with my son Jerry who flew out from Minnesota to put me through my paces before I hop the Amtrak Sunday (7/24) to Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Jerry moving through the snow, day three (day one together)

The goal for this year is to complete last year’s unfinished business and tag that Mexican border well in advance of Thanksgiving. Jerry and I encountered some snow in elevation but mostly the trail seems to be in great shape and it gave me a chance to try out my new tent, pack, etc.

Treading on the trail again feels like a comfy old sweater
Stopping for an early lunch, day four (day two together)
Beautiful Washington never dissapoints

This will be my last “pre-hike” post- my next should be from somewhere in southern Oregon or northern California. All the best! Max

2 Responses to “Snoqualmie Pass (warm up hike)

  • Looking good, Max! Will be following all of these blog posts.

    From the wisdom of Neal Stephenson:”Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.”

    Take care and GodSpeed!

    • Anyone quoting Neal Stephenson gets immediate attention on this blog! See you down the trail buddy!

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