So says Trinity to his horse before nodding off on his drag-through-anything bed/trough, queue that incredible theme song as we see the horse drag the slacker gunslinger off into the dusty west coast sunset.

My childhood antihero

Truth be told, long before I encountered Keroac, Alan Booth, Huck Finn or the American road narrative (which I came to cherish fully), there was Trinity. His dirty, dusty, rags-for-clothes ethic of sleeping behind his horse appealed immensely. Being a dirty hiker just fits right in- as does a touring Deadhead for that matter.

King Street Amtrak Station, Seattle

Not sure what brought that memory up- must be the 100 degree heat wave we’re trudging through here in Northern Cali. I posted last year about this place I’m sleeping in tonight called Seaid Valley. That Wikipedia article explains the whole “State of Jefferson” movement here. Am pretty sure it explains this flag I saw walking through town.

Am guessing Jefferson wouldn’t like that

Click the menu or this link to access my 2022 YouTube playlist- I’ve posted several. Viewer beware: my “content” tends to be simple, undramatic, non-photogenic. It’s just a way to record some fleeting moments.

I’m hot and tired in this killer midday sun and sort of anxious to see how this post will work completely from my tent, so it’s a few photos and exit. Love to you all wherever your feet fall today. Max

Beautiful Oregon hillside
I love sweeping, expansive views of forested valleys
Gotta have that border snapshot
Climbing the trail in the scorching California sun
I stopped for water here last year.

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