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I'm Maxheap. Welcome to my internet living room!

Off trail I go by Michael. I like walks that take months to complete, "punishingly intricate*" software problems and energetic hallway dancing to live music.

During each of these long walks (aka "thru-hikes") I maintain a simple blog to capture a few memories along the way and share a few pictures, videos and thoughts with friends and family. This year I'm returning to the Continental Divide Trail for the first time in five years (!) and am really looking forward to it. I leave for the trail in less than two weeks, so for those interested I'll be posting updates to this year's edition of the blog starting in early May (link below).

Best wishes to you and yours for a fantastic 2024!

"Cones of Dunshire" (Gameplay Magazine) 😀

Link to my 2024 Continental Divide Trail Thru-Hike Site