[Note: Since it has been a while without adequate internet access, this is the first of three new posts covering the PCT in Oregon. Also, see my my YouTube channel for updated videos (34-53 are new)]

Trail underpass in Cascade Locks
Another day, another glorious mountain to behold

Greetings after a long absence! My Oregon posts will be a bit brief as I’m trying to squeeze three of them into a single trail stop here in Ashland, the final trail stop on Oregon. After crossing the Bridge of the Gods from Washington, the hiking has been considerably easier, with Oregon living up to its reputation as the easiest of the three PCT states. Less climbing, less snow and a less challenging footpath compared to its neighbor to the north, the contrast has been both welcome and enjoyable, a sort of a break between the tough Northern Cascades and the equally daunting Sierras of California on the horizon.

One of many camps in close proximity to the PCT
My beard gradually reappearing
Handpicked huckleberries anyone?
15 minutes to pick my snack, 5 minutes to consume

While I ended up hiking most of Oregon alone, I also enjoyed the occasional company of Northstar (a hiker I first got to know in Snoqualmie, Washington) and a group of hikers including Toodles, Toes, Moose and Squidgy as we leapflogged back and forth down the trail. In the past readers of my blog have remarked favorably on hearing examples of the various trail names of hikers I meet. As such, I kept track of a few of the many names of hikers I encountered so far on the PCT, which I present here for your perusal: Sandman, Ninja, Blueprint, Pololo, Topolito, Black Dog, Smash, Seeker, Grace, Victor, Horsepower, Hammer, Labrat, Rerun, Attrition, Walkie Talkie, Buckle, Pocket Guac, Mousetrap, One Step, Abe Lincoln, Roadside, Honest Abe, Baywatch, Hobo Baggins, Ghost Crusher, Beast, Forget-Me-Not, Punisher (a nice woman from the Iron Range), Ziplock, Flipper, Sunny, Second Chance, Slab, Slurb, Miyagi, Jazzy, High Five, Honey Moomoo, Stinky Cheese, Sticky Buns, Bag Hands, Sippy, Presto, Twig, Happy hour, Wolverine, Broken Arrow, Crunchy, Crispy, Muggle, Crusher and Bubbles. When I first entered Oregon I was seeing 5-10 Nobos (Northbound hikers) per day. By the time I completed the final few days, I was seeing upwards of a hundred every day.

Cached gallon water bottles were a huge find on a hot day!
Airing out my sleeping bag before climbing into my tent

I hope you enjoy the latest pictures and videos! All the best to you and yours! Max