[Note: Since it has been a while without adequate internet access, this is the second of three new posts covering the PCT in Oregon. Also, see my my YouTube channel for updated videos (34-53 are new)

Awesome Trail Angel and thru-hiker “Doin’ Stuff” made my day at the end of a long hitch!
Toes, Moose, Toodles and Loverboy, great hikers all
Night hiking with headlamp in the Three Sisters
Misty morning solace

Amongst the interesting stops on the Oregon PCT, Mount Hood stands out for a couple of reasons. Not only does it provide the fascinating spectre of mid-summer skiing (by virtue of the glaciers there that ensure year-round snow coverage), but it is also home to the historic Timberline lodge built by the CCC as part of the program of public works that became an engine of growth to help the U.S. gradually emerge from the aftermath of the 30s and the great depression. You may also recognize the lodge as the set for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s book “The Shining.” Of special interest to hikers is the fact that the lodge hosts an “all you can eat” breakfast buffet that has fueled many of trail weary pilgrims in need of a caloric boost. Another item worth mentioning is that I did the longest hitchhike during tjos section of any of my trail journeys so far, due to a fire closure south of Timberline lodge. I had to hitch 150 miles or so (a cumbersome route to circumvent a much shorter closure) but it took almost 8 hours to complete as most of the hitching was done far from the trail where I’m not easily identified as a harmless old thru-hiker but I suppose looked to some more like a homeless hippie wanderer. It brought back to mind the longest hitchhike journey I ever embarked on, returning back to St. John’s in Minnesota from California during a mid-winter break between semesters of my sophomore year. I was out there attending the December 1983 run of Grateful Dead shows (and got to celebrate my 20th birthday at this particular show which thanks to the miracle of YouTube you can watch yourself anytime!) and also volunteering for a month with Cesar Chavez and the UFW near Tehachapi. Great memories for sure. And as for the ore recent hitch, one of my rides was with a young Park Ranger with whom I had a great conversation, and the last ride with “Doin’ Stuff” a former thru-hiker with a generous streak doing trail magic who brought me right to the trail head at Santiam Pass, my detination.

Reflected beauty in a glassy lake
What is it I find so fascinating about railroads and trains?
The trail winding in and out of trees
Early morning sun shrouded in smoky haze
Another interesting stone formation to admire
California close, Crater Lake closer

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down one small backwater lane of memories as well as this collection of new pictures and videos captured as I passed through Central Oregon! Cheers, Max