[Note: Since it has been a while without adequate internet access, this is the third of three new posts covering the PCT in Oregon. Also, see my my YouTube channel for updated videos (34-53 are new)]

My name added to the trail registry at Crater Lake
National Parks always seem to have fancier registries
Hazy Crater Lake shot #1
Hazy Crater Lake shot #2
Hazy Crater Lake shot #3

As I write this third post of my Oregon collection of photos, it’s late and I need to hike on in the morning, so I’m going to have to keep this brief. The biggest highlight of this section was hiking through Crater Lake National Park, a place I’ve wanted to visit since I was a kid. It took on even further significance as I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Slimjim (now called Jimi 10k), a member of my long term hiker family with whom I hiked around 1000 miles of the Appalachian Trail together during my first-ever thru hike. He is hiking the PCT Nobo this year and we managed to cross paths at Crater Lake during our mutual hikes. It was great seeing Slim again and equally amazing to see one of the true natural wonders in the U.S. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and I look forward to connecting again from California, which I should reach tomorrow or the next day, depending on how early I get started. Love and best wishes to you all! Max

Me and SlimJim at Annie’s in Crater Lake Mazama Village
Seeing scenes like this daily does not get old
“And miles to go before I sleep”
I came within inches of impaling myself on this protruding log at eye level, looking down while walking
Befriended by this beautiful, surprisingly loud bird
This rare open meadow caught my eye on the way into Ashland

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  1. I had lost this link to your adventures, but Dale sent it to me again. Yay! My brother lives in Medford if you need anything. You’re probably south of there by now.

    1. Thanks Chuck! Glad you found the site again and looking forward to connecting afterwards!

  2. Hey Max – have been following your videos on youtube & checking back here for the updates. That must have been quite the surprise coming across someone you know on the trail – completely unexpected. Enjoy the rest of the hike!

    1. Jon: thanks for the note and I hope all is well back at the salt mine! I hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer!

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