100 Miles to the border!

This will be a brief post with a few quick pictures and a link to the new videos (#73-82) on my YouTube channel. We’re sleeping tonight in bunk house style rooms near the trail, exactly 100 miles until we reach the southern terminus at the Mexican border. Birdie (MAV’s long time girlfriend since they met on the Appalachian trail in 2014, when we were all SOBOs together) drove down to meet MAV for our border tag and caught up with us today, making our final resupplies and water access dead simple, and enabling some upcoming slack-packing (carrying minimized packs). If all goes well tomorrow we’ll be at Julian, California, our next resupply. Counting the days!! Max

Rock 1: formidable
Rock 2: majestic
Rock 3: menacing
There is always another turn- until the last
Warm in the sun, chilly in the shade
Yet another different side of California
Well-known PCT landmark: Eagle Rock- natural formation
This reminded me of the Great Divide Basin in Wyoming.
MAV on the move
Rare grass-lined trail

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