Into the Sierras

Moving southbound on the California PCT we exit the Cascade range and enter the Sierras.
Eerie burn section offers lots of ways to impale oneself
Selfie inside the burned out base of huge tree
Camped on a ridge
For a state in drought, northern California has been green and lush
Pinecones now easily bigger than my size 13 shoes
Sunset from my tent screen
Mountain lakes from high above

I’m sitting in the backroom of the tiny Sierra City public library trying to squeeze in a quick update before the room is occupied by children’s story hour. I’m now 520 miles into the hike this year and feel good. My feet had been doing exceptionally well for quite a while, but I got holes in both my pairs of toe socks and have been hiking for the past 100 miles or so in two pairs of old wool socks I found for 75 cents in a community thrift store in Chester. My toes strongly prefer the toe socks and have been letting me know it. Similarly, I’d been feeling the early pangs of plantar fasciitis in my right heel (easy to self-diagnose once you’ve had it) and that has gradually developed into a slightly bigger issue. We’ll see how it does on the big climbs coming up.

These kind folks shouted me over to their patio get-together for a cold beer on a very hot day near Bucks Lake
The PCT midpoint marker. Between my original 2021 hike and this year’s continuation, I’ve hiked my way closer to Mexico than Canada.
Duly noted.
And done.

I was tentatively planning on a “zero” day here in Sierra City anyway, so the timing is good and I’ll try to complete all my town chores today so I can be completely off my feet tomorrow. This narrative will be short for now (I hear the kids coming in) but I’ll try to add more to it if I can, if the library hours are favorable. I’ll also try to post as many recent pictures and videos as I can (see my YouTube channel for the videos- the new ones are “Days 17-26”). Thanks again for tuning in and I hope you enjoy! Max

10 Responses to “Into the Sierras

  • Kristie
    2 years ago

    It was great getting to meet you in Bucks Lake! Thank you for taking time off the trail to have a cold beer with us and share your hiking journey. I wish you the best of luck and safe travels on the remainder of your hike!

    • Kristie: it’s the moments like meeting you and your family and friends that contribute to the richness of the long distance hiking experience! Best wishes to all of you and thanks for the kind note!

  • Great pictures! Safe travels.

  • Good to here from you. Don’t like what’s happening to those pesky feet. Take care of yourself. Miss you. About 10 of us got together on Jackie’s driveway last night. Joyce and Bill were in town from Lincoln. Jack and Cheri were both there too. Love you.

    • Mom: thanks, yes, trying to squeeze in some additional rest before the big climbs in the high Sierras coming up soon. Sounds like a fun get-together back there in Minnesota- love to you all!

  • I’m sitting with my sister from Portland, Oregon having a fun Northern California geography lesson based on your blog. Safe travels!

    • Ha! I can’t think of a thing I could teach you Renee, but after so many years of getting you to help me understand the domain we work in, I’m happy to return the favor, ha! All the best!

  • Charlie Gillis
    2 years ago

    Max, I hope you were able to grab a beer that shares the name of area you were just in. Glad this hike is moving along a lot more smoothly than last time. -Charlie

    • Thanks Charlie! Had some additional rest for my foot waiting for my bear cannister to arrive from home so hopefully it sets me up for the Sierras. Say hi to all- hope things are well!

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