Having revised my plan earlier this year from hiking NOBO (“northbound”: starting at the Mexican border) to hiking SOBO (starting at the Canadian border), I’ve been focusing the past months on rehabbing my left foot after some recent surgery. Regaining the strength, flexibility and stability took longer than anticipated, but over the past two weeks I’ve completed 140+ miles of trail hiking with full pack and water, including four 20-plus mile days each with 4K feet of ascent and the same of descent. While there’s some ongoing pain and discomfort, its not debilitating so I’m hoping to manage it on trail as I go.

My first day hiking will be next Wednesday, June 23rd. That morning Wendy will drop me 30 miles from the Canadian border (can’t get closer to the Northern Terminus by vehicle) at a place called Harts Pass, WA (see the green oval in the first map below), from where I’ll walk north to “tag” the border on June 25th, my official SOBO start date. Since my AT thru hike was SOBO and my CDT thru hike was about 75% SOBO, it feels like second nature at this point and of course its all downhill going south!

Needless to say, after the long runway of planning and waiting to see if my foot would be ready, I’m excited to get started. My next post should be from the trail, hopefully a week or two after I start. Thanks for tuning in and my love and best wishes to all! Max

Map of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington state.
Overview map of the entire Pacific Crest Trail

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