2270 miles done. 370 miles remain

This will be a quick post of photos and not much else. I slept in Wrightwood, California last night and I’ll be returned to the trail in 30 minutes so I’m just uploading pictures and videos (see my YouTube channel – #60 and above are new). The hike is going well and the “desert” section- such as it is- is beautiful. Hope you enjoy! Max

Under 400 miles to go!
Captivating canyons everywhere
Spent nearly all day walking ridges here
I’ve loved train tracks since childhood
Much more color in the desert than I anticipated
These rolling mounds were visually pleasing
Resting near the Los Angeles aqueduct.
Sleeping high above some city lights due east of L.A.
Not long now
Tunnel shape similar to PCT symbol/signage
Papa Joe from Casa de Luna. He and his wife Terrie have hosted tens of thousands of PCT thru hikers over the past three decades.
Lots of cool Eagle Scout projects up and down the trail.
Full view of same Eagle Scout project.

2 Responses to “2270 miles done. 370 miles remain

  • Hey Maxheap, it was nice meeting you at Messenger Flats last week! My day-hike the next morning was pretty good–ended up doing some “off-trail” stuff along fire breaks (in some places, it was safer than the “official” trail!), so got my taste of adventure–hope that your next day was good too! Saw that you had gotten to at least Little Jimmy Campground; I’m heading out there myself tomorrow for some hiking around Baden-Powell, so thanks for your update of Little Jimmy Spring on Guthooks! Anyway, I’m based in southern California, so if something comes up and you need a hand during this last stretch of the trail, feel free to ping me (I’ll put my contact info in the website field). I do have some out-of-town trips coming up towards the end of October, but if I’m around and can lend a hand, would be happy to do so!
    – charlie

    • Charlie: Thanks again for the water, the chat, your great comments and the offer of help down the trail! Hoping to wrap up by end of October…currently between Wrightwood and Big Bear. I’ll ping if anything comes up! All the best! Max

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