Wrapping up by Halloween?

Another day, another ski slope to climb
Hiking out of this canyon was tough and buggy, though photogenic

Greetings all from Big Bear Lake, California! I’ve caught up with my old trail brother MAV- who had jumped ahead due to cold weather- and I think we may just cover the remaining 270 miles together, which would be great after doing almost all of this trail alone. And I need to slow down a bit as my right foot is feeling that plantar fasciitis, so we’ll probably cap our mileage at 20 per day to help my foot out. Will be on trail again in the morning but wanted to drop a quick line with a few pictures, especially sonce this may end up being my last post before reaching the border. We’ve had several days of significant rain, thunderstorms and cold, but we’ve been in higher elevation and that will change starting tomorrow.

Midday respite
Busy California freeway from a distant desert ridge
Sweet on trail memorial

I’m figuring about two weeks to complete the remaining miles and though I’ve had great times on this hike, I’m excited to wrap up and get home! I’ve got a couple of things to share regarding my conclusions on what I’ve learned during this hike, but I’m still chewing on them a bit and will defer until my next post, whether it’s before or after reaching the border. Wow, so glad to be sleeping indoors tonight- the rain has picked up and it’s coming down hard. Love to you all from the rainy desert! See also my YouTube channel for the one new video I posted (#72)!

I love when the sun produces contrast
Layers of mountains rolling in the desert
A county road line stretched across the desert valley floor
The trail crosses under this busy LA area freeway
There has been more H2O in this portion of the “desert” section
Interesting marker indicating I’ve got less than 300 miles to go

2 Responses to “Wrapping up by Halloween?

  • Christoph König
    2 years ago

    Hi MaxHeap,
    “Thank you” for your recent articles giving us the possibility to travel at least a bit with you in the desert while staying here at home in Germany an dealing with everyday life…
    We would like to use this (as you wrote) maybe last message from the trail to tell you that we were happy that you answered our reply; so we are looking forward to stay in contact with you !!!
    Some days ago our son Stephan signed up his preregistration for the PCT 2023, … , very exciting …
    We wish you all the best for the last part of the PCT; may your foot accept that he still has to walk “some miles” …
    Christoph & Family

    • Thanks again and feel free to let your son know that if he has questions or wants more information about the trail or towns/resupply, etc. that I’m happy to help. We can be in touch later. Cheers!

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