Canandaigua -> Scranton

Fun town with a cool name. Here’s a bad picture of Shakedown Street (the travelling vendor lane/freakshow that has been a dead show staple for 30+ years. Local heads dust off the old regalia to show support for the latest round of tomfoolery.

Shakedown Street (click here for history- search the linked page for ‘shakedown’)

The show was strong, especially the second set with several of my favorites (your basic 90 minute full-on jam…):

Estimated Prophet>
Colors of The Rain (new Phil song!)
Scarlet Begonias>
Eyes of The World>
The Eleven>
Let It Grow>
Comes A Time>
Viola Lee Blues`

Phil making new music at 72 is a happy thought.

On a less pleasant note, its been days since I’ve showered: the metamorphosis/devolution to primitive is more or less complete. And if I find myself short on shrinkwrapped food, the glow of this monolith reminds me how to feed myself.

Silence, please.

Now en route to Philly to meet Emily and her friends. Mann center tonight- same venue as last year- decent sound. Am posting from the Steamtown Mall Starbucks. If that sounds vaugely familiar, perhaps this picture will bring it home.

Scrantonites love their profanity. Both sets of Starbucks neighbors can’t stop dropping f-bombs.

Best from sights and sounds on the road today:

“A lot of water under the bridge- a lot of other stuff too.” (Bob Dylan, Things Have Changed)

“I found my head one day,  when I wasn’t even tryin’.” (Cat Stevens, On the Road to Find Out)

“…text message? Is that different from a voice mail?” (Starbucks, f-bombing geezers at the next table over)