One from the Road

First 1700 hundred miles and Pawtucket show behind me [sidebar: the show was good, not great, but chalk it up to first of the tour and my 24 hours of driving that concluded 90 minutes before the show started…musically, my favorites of the night were Pocky Way and Dear Mr. Fantasy, but my personal highlight was a wandering hippie chick that made me her dance buddy for part of 2nd set. In my role representing Minnesota I felt it important to be friendly and comply]. From here out, all posts will be brought to you by Emily’s recycled Linux netbook + rest area free wireless.

I left early a.m. July 4th instead of the night before, but other than that everything has gone well. I always make a big deal of choosing the first song for a trip…this year, I backed out of the driveway listening to “Tomorrow Never Knows” (Beatles): “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…” (it seemed like a modest and appropriate goal for this kind of trip). Other than the scroching heat during day one, the rest has been fair weather. Two comfortable evenings sleeping in the van and actually needed my sleeping bag for cover last night.

Seeing 105 on the thermometer for day 1 had me worried…

Welcome, cooling fog on early morning day two, Pennsylvania.

My little sister asked about the shows, order, etc. I’ve added a link to a file on page right (or click here) that gives venues, calendar, etc. But only click the link if you are Melissa…the internet will know.

Best from sights and sounds on the road today:

I might have been born yesterday, but I was up all night.” (Todd Snider, Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables)

“…and if I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my good behavior.” (Henry David Thoreau, Walden)

“Cupid’s Adult Novelties and Bakery.” (Billboard in Wisconsin- ’nuff said)

5 thoughts on “One from the Road

  1. Melissa

    Love that I am the ‘little kid sister’ even though I am 46. Does that make Paula the ‘big old sister’?
    I love following this, what a super cool thing this is. Was really hoping that you had some pictures of you dancing with the hippie chick…I would have paid money to see that! Thanks for putting up the link to see where you are and at what shows. Happy adventures bro…keep on trucking…

  2. Magnus

    Sounds as though your summer adventure is off to a good start. Love following the blog and checking out the pictures. Don’t forget to stop at the Magnus Wahlstrom library if your travels take you through Bridgeport, CT again this year.
    We set off on our adventure next week which includes 10 days in Stockholm, followed by four days in Amsterdam. We’ll definitely have to compare notes in August over a cold beverage or two. Happy travels Gosh.

    1. michael

      Excellent Magnus! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, which should give you a good buffer. All the best to you and Tina.

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