I am now- finally- at journey’s end. I scored a window poster for my ‘side trips’ archive advertising Todd Snider’s Opera House performance tonight in Valparaiso. It has been a tiring 6000 mile journey from Michigan to Georgia, Chicago to New York, and many points between. I’m beat up (ankle, back, other old man ailments) but thrilled with another great run of shows and new friends met along the way. While the show in Philly (Mann Center) turned out to be my favorite, the following is a list of my top choices for individual song performances across the tour:

  • Jackstraw (Pawtucket)
  • Scarlet -> Eyes of the World (Canandaigua)
  • China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider -> Dark Star -> Caution -> St. Stephen (Philly)
  • Help on the Way -> Slipknot -> Passenger -> Slipknot -> Franklin’s Tower (Columbia)
  • He’s Gone (Alpharetta)
  • Foolish Heart (Cary)
  • New Potato Caboose (Brooklyn)
  • Cold Rain and Snow -> Two Djinn (Bethel)
  • Morning Dew (Chicago)
  • The Weight (Rochester Hills)

Todd’s poster, photographed by a Valparaiso shop window ghost.

Same ghost, different window. Shop keeper dialing 911.