The worst post…

…of most blogs is the first one. It being not an easy thing to start from scratch, let’s get this one out of the way with something short and technical.

Endpoints of a 6000 mile summer journey furthur.

9 thoughts on “The worst post…

  1. Tanya

    Funny, I’ve been wanting a fence for almost 18 years. Yes, the cliche white picket. Flowers in front of it. Don’t want to do it myself. I recently saw the magnet on a friend’s refrigerator: “So much to do. So few people to do it for me.” So true for me…
    So let us know if you can put Vermont on your itinerary. (I work most days but we’re around most eves.) Travel safely.

  2. neil & tamara

    Blessings on your travels! We are seriously jealous, staying home this summer!!! Looking forward to the blog….

    1. michael

      Thanks…it won’t be enlightening or polished…I’m aiming for slightly distracting.

  3. Emily

    So, the best part of this was that I was going to leave a comment saying “You know, from this vantage point I can see exactly where a fence would really improve our back yard.” The fact that we’re all thinking it really makes me think there is something to the idea.

    1. michael

      This is an idea that has met it’s time…I think we need one of those voting widgets…I’ll see if wordpress has one and will stand it up.

  4. michael

    Jimmy: Does you finding this road blog before I sent out information to anyone constitute cyber-stalking, or are you just a techno wizard living in cognito? As for fences, I’ve got a guy coming out while I’m gone…its a 12 footer, orange, with changeable neon lights on top to celebrate all the seasons in lavish american fashion.

    1. JSB

      Mikey, enjoy the road trip! As for your “fence”, is it a symbol of communist oppression within the Goshey compound ? If it is, I got news for you, the cold war ended about the time the Grateful Dead put out their best commercial album, “Into the Dark”. Mr. Goshey, tear down that fence…..

      Have Fun !

      1. michael

        Well, you didn’t get the album name right but I make allowances for your background. Kids, let this serve as an abject lesson: friends don’t let friends join frats!

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