Privacy & Decorum

Maxheap here. My ‘policy’ on privacy and decorum:


  • I probably like you, but I don’t want your data
  • I don’t want to sell you anything
  • I love getting your comments and will use the name and email address you provide to establish your unique identity. Once I’ve approved your first comment, all others you make using the same name and email address will be published immediately because you’re in the cool-kid’s club. This should shield us from the scourge of spam and trolls.


  • Don’t be like our politicians- keep it respectful and kind
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Don’t belittle others or you’ll be kicked out of the pool
  • Really, don’t be a dick

4 thoughts on “Privacy & Decorum”

  1. Hi Mike!

    I just got back from Yellowstone. Sorry, not much hiking, we just drove through to see the sights. I was amazed at all of the thermals there. I see you posted a few on your blog here. Just thinking about you after visiting the beautiful mountains and thought I’d say Hi.

    1. Rick! So great to hear from you and yes, Yellowstone is really amazing, isn’t it! Sounds like you a great time there. I just arrived in Steamboat Springs and will hopefully update the blog again soon. Thanks for reaching out and send my best to all the folks back at Prime!

  2. Hi Mike, hope you are well. Loving the updates, while I sit on my ass slinging bits for another company.

    Honest question: Would you prefer someone (your wife, or friend, assuming it was someone you enjoyed) was hiking with you or do you prefer trekking alone?

    I would be lonely. Do you meet enough people to satisfy your loneliness?

    1. Matt! Thanks for the note. Just arrived in Pie Town, New Mexico and will be doing another update today. As for your question, I mostly like hiking alone, though the miles go by much more quickly while chatting with other hikers. But I strongly prefer being around other hikers while camping at night. There’s a real feeling of vulnerability when you wake up at 3:00 am to pee and there’s ice on your tent and you’re really cold and the only sounds are coyotes. It makes even a relative loner long for the company of others.

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